Family holidays: 5 trends for this summer

The long-awaited summer is here and with it, our holiday. After a long year of work, it’s time to enjoy the rest and our family. Surely, many of you are already planning your summer vacation .

As always , KangApp always wants to make travel easier family and, why not?, inspire . That is why today we show you the latest trends within the family tourism.


Family tourism is a niche market that moves nothing more and nothing less than 16,000 million euros only in Spain. These numbers are basically focused on the summer , which is logical since it is the time when children have also vacation. This is a type of tourism that flees from standardized services. Due to its characteristics, it offers specialized needs. Some of the trends that we may find are:

  1. Specialized tourist establishments and, in many cases, certified as ideal accommodations for families or with labels such as “Children Friendly” certification. We can find many places with specific and healthy food for children, with apps to turn the visit into a game and, especially, with high-quality quality growing services. Families need vacation time to rest and enjoy, with less surprises. All this does not conflict with the price because families, by the high cost of their journeys, make the most of the offers. The tourism industry knows it and, increasingly, offers more discounts, therefore, we must be attentive to these opportunities.
  2. Connectivity: Until recently, this aspect was secondary. Today, when preparing a family vacation, it’s essential to find places with internet access, access to online guides , apps , etc. We should note that our children are digital natives and the tourism industry knows it. We must take full advantage of digital alternatives that this sector offers so, undoubtedly, it will make our vacation more complete.
  3. Communities of traveling families: More and more families travel and create synergies among them. the creation of blogs, platforms and projects focused on family tourism has helped so much to it. This resource is invaluable and it is already being used widely. Whatever our next destination is, we can access the experience of a family that has previously visited the place we are traveling to and can advise us about the best places to visit with children or share the best tips for visiting a monument or, simply, the best places to go to eat with children. It’s important to not stop surfing in the Internet to find all the necessary information. As mentioned above, families want to travel without surprises, and this is the best way to avoid them.
  4. P2P Accommodation: A booming option that offers many advantages for family trips.
  5. Rental of articles for children and babies: One of the things that really bothers when traveling with children is all the articles we must carry (stroller, cribs, car seats, bathtubs, etc.). So, there are new services like KangApp which allows renting everything we may need in destination to both save space problems and avoid overload costs on flights. Moreover, it helps family trips to become more comfortable, earn extra money and get in contact with families from all around the world.

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ParkFlyRent: A car rental company without cars

Amsterdam is owned by cyclists. Amsterdam is equipped with an elaborate network of cycle-paths and lanes, so safe and comfortable that even toddlers and elderly people use bikes as the easiest mode of transport. Cycling is a fundamental part of Dutch culture and that’s especially evident in Amsterdam, where a total of two million kilometres is cycled every day.

With regard to safer conduct, Amsterdam uses the motto ‘what’s learnt in the cradle lasts until the grave’. Educational games are used to help children learn about traffic from an early age. This approach starts at nursery school (when the children are 3-4 years old). Traffic education lessons continue after the pupils transfer into secondary education. Parents are also continuously involved in light of the fact that they can set a good example for their children.

This culture of an entire country maintained for years and aimed at strengthening and maintaining the most  appropriate traffic management and the best coexistence of citizens and vehicles explains why ParkFlyRent, a car rental company without cars, was born in Amsterdam.


ParkFlyRent rents out the cars of outbound travelers to inbound travelers at airports. Renters save 25%, guaranteed. Parkers park for free; even better, parking makes them money as they share in the rental proceeds. ParkFlyRent handles cleaning, screening and insurances.

On an average day, millions of cars sit idle at the world’s airports, while at the same time, millions of rental cars are being rented out at those same locations. So, the production of these rental cars uses up vast amounts of resources and simultaneously causes the emission of massive amounts of CO2. Therefore, ParkFlyRent benefits both citizens and the environment.

How does it work?

Travelers rent out their cars through ParkFlyRent, which guarantees them free parking and free carwash, and even enables them to make money. Car companies and leasing companies also rent out idle stock through ParkFlyRent.

ParkFlyRent rents out the cars to qualified renters under a special insurance. These renters save 25% or more compared to traditional car rental companies.

ParkFlyRent is all about sharing

ParkFlyRent shares the rental proceeds with the car owners, and its profits with the Wakibi foundation, who use it to provide microcredit to small entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Along the way, ParkFlyRent creates local jobs and reduces the production of new cars, as well as the required amount of parking spaces around the airport. For every 18 cars parked at ParkFlyRent, 1 new car no longer needs to be produced. A side-effect is also better traffic flow and less CO2 production around the airport, as travelers no longer need to be dropped off or picked up to avoid the outrageous parking fees.

If once at the airport, we can make more sustainable our trip thanks to ParkFlyRent, the previous travel by plane may be also sustainable if we log in KangApp and we rent whatever we need to help our kids to feel like at home instead of carrying it with us.

Photo: ParkFlyRent

If you have a stroller, you have a treasure

Having children is not an easy. Having a child is nice but it is also complicated by all the dedication and the amount of work involved. But, certainly, it makes us fully happy. Days get shorter and all the available hours before paternity/maternity disappear with the arrival of a newborn child. That is why we welcome everything that may facilitate being father or mother.

It is well known that the main objective of Kangapp is helping parents who like travel to save efforts and travel stress-free renting items for baby and children whereverever they go. For example, the most rented articles in Kangapp are strollers.

Since its invention in 1.733, the stroller has got incredible improvements to make life easier, nonetheless, sometimes it is not easy to walk around with an stroller.

Over the years, the stroller has been redesigned in order to increase the comfort of the babies and, in turn, to help parents to drive it. During the first months (and years) of life of our children, the baby stroller becomes indispensable every time we left home. In the stroller we put diapers, blankets, toys, bottles, pacifiers and a long list of things that may result helpful wherever we are or go.

But though it may seem incredible, there are tricks and improvements that will help us make the most of our stroller.

So that, it is in the channel of Youtube What’s Up Moms where are shown pretty interesting tricks like, for example, to attach stickers in the stroller where we can write the sequence (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) to follow when folding or unfolding or to use an extra large carabiner to become multitasking (!!).

What happens when you put flanges on the wheels of your stroller is great.


If you are parents or you are expecting, you will love all these tricks.

Photo:  WhatsUpMoms